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How to Get a Free Netflix Account and Password that Work – Free Netflix Accounts 2018 February

How to get a free Netflix account and password without credit card and any mode of payment is the question of many. Netflix is a movies and television series streaming service in America. Netflix began streaming in 2007 which was first launched as a DVD-by-mail in the year 1998. Along with America, Netflix expanded its service to Canada in 2010.

And now it’s almost available around the globe and has become the best film & serial series streaming service in the world. House of Cards is the first series which was advertised on Netflix in 2013. Netflix is now available and serves almost 190 countries in the world.

Get free Netflix account and password free to enjoy the movies and serials series on your lap. There are crores of people who wish to get free Netflix premium account to watch and enjoy the web-based programs as affording the premium account is expensive.

Netflix is the best choice for people in the north and south America to watch movies, dramas, and music or videos on the internet. In this post, we have shared free Netflix accounts and passwords that work in 2018 February to let you watch all your favorite stuff.

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Why do we need to post free Netflix accounts and passwords for you?

It could be the question which is surrounding in your mind right now. It’s just because we wish our readers to enjoy resources that we provide. You may also use some free Netflix account generator to generate Netflix free account and password but be sure about them as most of the do not work.

So it’s better to read this post to get Free Netflix accounts and passwords as we have posted here.

There are millions of consumers who can be called as Netflix lovers wish to enjoy using Netflix free account and password. So we took the decision to share some free Netflix accounts and passwords.

So, from now onwards you do not need to search how to get a free Netflix account and password. Just bookmark this page, or you may copy Netflix free account and password details into a notepad.

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There is one primary intention of providing the free Netflix accounts and passwords. That is because everyone out there may not be able to get Netflix premium account and password.

That kind of people should not feel worried. Why they wouldn’t provide how to get a free Netflix account and password. The major point of discussion about the Netflix free account is its ongoing demand.

The user or the person who wish to watch something from Netflix account can get whatever he loves to watch is the major point of the need.

Free Netflix Accounts and passwords are enough to watch movies or tv series on Netflix. You can become the premium customer if you want to enjoy more premium features of premium Netflix account. You will be provided the accounts and passwords after the immediate payment.

Netflix Free Trial for One Month

You can join free for one month on Netflix, and for one month you do not need to pay anything. You can watch anything and anytime until one month period.

After completion of one month period, you need to pay accordingly to continue the subscription. Payment method would be through your credit card. And you may cancel your subscription any time if you are not interested in continuing the Premium Netflix Account.

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In this guide, we have also shown you how to get a free Netflix account and password without credit card. So let’s check how it is possible by going through some free Netflix accounts and passwords.

How to Get a Free Netflix Account and Password for Trail – Free Netflix Premium Account 2018

It is the wonderful guide you may follow to get free Netflix account and password for trial period. Just check below-mentioned steps accordingly.

1: Get connected to the Internet through mobile data on Android or iPhone, Use broadband or wifi to get connected to the internet on Windows or Mac.

2: Open a web browser on your device (Android or iPhone or Windows or Mac).

3: Type and hit enter on your web browser or just Click Here.

4: There you can see “JOIN FREE FOR A MONTH” and just click on that option to begin Netflix account free trial period of one month.

5: Just choose any plan that you wish to continue. No need to worry as you are not going to pay anything in this Netflix free account as it is a trial period.

6: Now you need to enter your email id and password to register for a Netflix free account and continue.

7: This is the last step where you need to fill in your details to get Netflix free account. That’s all you are done with the free Netflix account trial period 2018.

Start watching all your favorite stuff before it expires as the subscription is up to one month only.

You can continue to Netflix premium account 2018 after you complete your Netflix account free trial period if you wish.

That’s not a big deal as you have already a profile and you might need to be ready and ok with your credit card credentials.

You can cancel your subscription anytime anywhere if you would not want to continue with Netflix premium account 2018. Let’s check you can unsubscribe or cancel Netflix account free on your mobile or PC.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription 2018

People might want to cancel Netflix subscription for various reasons. You can check this definitive Netflix guide for how to cancel Netflix subscription in 2018.

You can cancel the subscription of Netflix in various methods and on any device whether it can be on PC (official website) or iPhone or Android. Just check all different ways how to cancel the subscription of Netflix.

Cancelling Netflix Subscription is not a big deal. But I would suggest you check how many people become acclimatized to Netflix over DVR.

Cancel Netflix Subscription via Android

You can cancel Netflix account on your Android mobile via Netflix app for Android. Open the Netflix premium account app on your android mobile.

Now, swipe from left to right on your screen for the options on Netflix Android app. In the end, you will find Account under settings on Netflix Android app.

Click on that and in a couple of seconds; you will be redirected to the page where you will be asked to cancel Netflix membership or subscription. Tap on Finish cancellation to cancel Netflix subscription on Netflix Android app.

Cancel Netflix Subscription via iPhone or iPad

This method will deal with how to cancel Netflix membership on iPhone or iPad or iOS 8.3 or 9.3, iOS 9.4. There is nothing much in this process to cancel Netflix but a few extra steps that we have seen in the above method.

Just follow the steps given below to simply cancel the Netflix subscription via iPhone or iPad Mini, iPad Air.

Open the Appstore and the App and swipe down till you find the apple id. Click on it to view the apple id and if needed, give login credentials to log in to your Netflix account. There you can manage the subscription of automatic renewal on or off.

So you do need to choose “Off” to stop the automatic renewal and charge for the next month. That’s all; you are done with the cancellation procedure of Netflix account free on iPhone or iPad.

Cancel Netflix Subscription via Website or PC (Windows or Mac)

This method is yet another popular and powerful method used to cancel Netflix premium account either on Windows or Mac PC, laptop.

In this method, you will be using the official website the cancel premium Netflix account free. You can click here to directly navigate to the cancellation page on the official Netflix account free.

Click cancel the subscription, and that’s all you are done with it. Refer below image for better understanding.

That’s all about how to cancel the subscription of Netflix free account on your Windows or Mac PC officially.

Now it’s time to head over to the topic of how to get a free Netflix account and password to enjoy free Netflix premium account to watch movies and tv series in HD Quality.

We have generated premium Netflix usernames and passwords using free Netflix account generator tool. You are advised to use those Netflix accounts and passwords generated by free Netflix account generator tool to get a free premium Netflix account.

Let me take a chance to help you how to get a free Netflix account and password in the section below.

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Free Netflix Account and Password 2018

Just check all of the given free Netflix account and password 2018 to get free premium Netflix account to watch unlimited movies and shows on your PC or mobile.

Free Netflix Accounts 2018 February

Free Netflix UsernameFree Netflix Password

Most Recent Update: 04-February-2018 with New Netflix Accounts which are working 100%. Check out the accounts and get access to the Netflix Account for Free right away.

Recently, Netflix has been updated and providing all latest stuff like movies and series. Watch out Kong, 13 Reasons why Beyond the Reasons exclusively on Netflix.

Those are the usernames and passwords given to you to help you get Netflix free account so that you can enjoy watching unlimited movies through premium Netflix account 2018. You can use the above-given Netflix usernames and passwords which are generated by free Netflix account generator tool.

Note: Many Users are experiencing the Netflix Login issues. I request you please do not change the passwords. It will help others to get access to Free Netflix.

If you come across any wrong password kind of problems with the accounts shared above, try out the method given below.

How to Get Unlimited Free Netflix Accounts [Latest Method]

We all know that we can create a Netflix trial account and we have come across creating it in the previous sections.

But the trick I am going to share here is working like a charm. Let’s get ahead and make way for a bunch of Netflix Free Accounts.

  1. Open and head over to the option “Join for a Month“, tap on it.
  2. It will be opened up in a new tab asking you choose the plan. There are 3 plans which carry various features. It’s upon you to go with the plan. But I suggest you go with the premium version as you are not going to spend anything from your pocket.
  3. In the next screen, you will be asked to enter the Card Details (Credit Card).
  4. Enter the Card Details, don’t worry, Netflix won’t charge you anything now.
  5. Once you are done, you are ready to watch the Premium Stuff from Netflix.

You can enjoy Premium Netflix for 1 month. But you need to apply the tricks provided below before the 1-month trial period comes to an end. Otherwise, you will be charged around 12 USD for the next month.

  1. Log into the Netflix Premium Account you have got for 1 month.
  2. Open your profile and find the option to cancel the membership. Look around and tap “Cancel Membership“.
  3. Carryout the on-screen instructions to cancel Netflix premium membership.

That’s all. You have come to an end of 1-month Netflix premium subscription. Don’t worry, now you are ready to enjoy Netflix unconditionally.

What Next?…

Now you are almost ready I hope.

Go to Netflix official website and create a trial account as you have created by following the instructions provided above.

Enter the same billing details and credit card credentials, it’s not a problem. But be sure you need to enter a new email id.

In case, you don’t have time to create a new email id, you can provide the old email id but by adding any character to the email id.

It’s the 100% working method to get plenty Netflix Free Accounts and Passwords.

Hope we have helped you how to get a free Netflix account and password to help you get premium Netflix free account 2018. You just follow the guidelines given above to login premium Netflix account free. Thank you for reading the article on how to get a free Netflix account and password generated by a working free Netflix account generator tool online.