Apps Like Mobdro for Free Video Streaming on iPhone iPad Android and Windows

Apps Like Mobdro: Mobdro is the leading video streaming application in recent times. It has everything that a movie freak would want to watch on their devices online. On the other hand, few devices won’t support the Mobdro app to install or to stream. In such cases, one would look for an alternative application to watch movies and videos without any trouble. To reduce that problem for you, I am going to provide you the top 5 Best Apps Like Mobdro for Android, iOS or Windows in 2017.

Apps Like Mobdro 2017 | Best Mobdro Alternatives February

apps like mobdro 2017

I have personally tested the apps that I am going to give you now. Every app from the list that I provide you is working at it’s best. Grab your favorite app and start watching movies.

1. Mivo:

Mivo is being one of the awesome video streaming apps in 2016. It has two benefits that fit well for its users. One is by watching movies and videos online and on the other hand it has Live TV facility. There are over 40 channels that you can watch on Mivo App on your Android or iPhone. It has all the facilities that a mobdro app has. So download mivo for your device and watch the videos. Not to say, you will feel the awesomeness of the Mivo app.

2. Sling:

The sling is one of the best alternative apps for mobdro app. It’s a paid service, but it has freemium feature too. You can watch the movies and shows on Sling app for free for a week. Later you need to go for the Premium version. Other than that, it has lot more channels to watch. Watch sports and movies with just a single tap on your Android or iPhone.

3. UStream:

Ustream is yet another awesome app like mobdro. It has a streaming and online feature that a user can use to watch movies online or watch live tv. It has the tremendous feature called Upload Videos. It will be super safe, and you will be able to share those videos with your team. Un-List the videos that you upload to share with only specified persons and then. It means that nobody can access the videos that you have uploaded.

4. Netflix:

Personally, Netflix is my favorite app to watch shows and movies. I cherish watching Netflix shows and movies all the time. Netflix is a premium application that has various packages for users. If you are willing to go for the paid packages, you can go. Else, try Free Netflix Accounts that Works to access the free membership from Netflix. It has various HD features and watches later options. With all those qualities, Netflix is a good app like mobdro.

5. Hotstar:

Hotstar is a hot topic nowadays. It has everything that you would love to watch from comedy, action, drama and serials. Finding the content that you love from Hotstar app is never so tough. Give a simple query in the search bar of the hotstar app and look out the search results that you obtain. Go to your favorite movies and shows, watch them and enjoy. Hotstar is completely free, and it has two phases. You can watch Live Tv, and another stage is that it has a feature to watch movies and shows online.

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So, those are the top 5 best apps like mobdro to watch movies for free. Use those applications on your Android or iOS to watch live tv and sports.

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