Top 6 Best DNS Servers for Gaming, Netflix | Free Public DNS Servers 2017

Fastest DNS Servers for Gaming

Looking for Best DNS Servers 2017?, Let me give you some. DNS is nothing but Domain Name System. Which is one of the most significant critical infrastructure in this internet world?. Nowadays every person is using the internet to connect with the world. But the thing is most of them don’t know that how they are getting results related to their searches. Today we let you all the people should be aware of how the internet is working? And based on what it is working?. As we told you, DNS is the main thing which is useful to connect with the world.

What we are saying is there is no internet without DNS. This DNS contains all the data related to all domains and their IP address related to domains. With in This DNS we have all types of domains with complete mappings of IP address. This DNS system converts domain name with numerical IP address. And then give us correct results.

DNS is responsible for all services related to PC and resources connected to the internet. While coming to secure internet connection, this DNS plays a vital role. One more thing is while when your accessing content in the internet DNS system has a part in it. You may not know about this because ISP comes with default DNS. But in some time, we will need alternate DNS. That’s for redundancy purpose to come up our domain site without connection lost. The primary purpose of redundancy is following are main reasons.

Reasons to Have Best DNS Servers in 2017

  • To reduce a distance between user location and DNS location to speed improvements.
  • When our default DNS is not that much reliable at that time, We need the alternative to access stability of content over the internet. Using alternate DNS, We will maintain without loosing.
  • Redundant DNS will protect our operating system from malicious attacks like hacking.
  • Redundant DNS will get restriction less internet content and also wed censorship.

By using all these importance of DNS and all the reasons for redundancy of DNS. Which we have seen above you people will come to know about DNS. If you are start searching for alternate DNS, no need get much hassle. We have so many Free DNS servers and also Public DNS servers for you to use with cost-free. You people will get all these DNS servers which we listed below without any hesitation. Go through the below listed Best DNS servers and select which is suitable to for you and go through it.

Free Public DNS Servers 2017 | Fastest DNS Servers for Gaming

Here we are going to frame some of the best DNS severs. Some of them are public DNS Servers, and some of them are Free DNS Servers. One more thing related to listed DNS is these are the Fastest DNS Servers. I know it’s difficult to find fastest or public best DNS servers in 2017.

1. Open DNS

Open DNS is one of the best DNS servers in 2017. This Open DNS is available in two editions that Open DNS for business and Open DNS for Personal use. You people no need to worry about that two different versions because both has same features. By using this Open DNS, we will good security protection to our system. This Open DNS is also a free DNS server and also it has premium version to get full security options. We will get it for personal usage by free version. And also it has some advanced plans for customized protection.

As the company of Open DNS says that we can get this in two variants, i.e., Business and personal. This DNS server is now integrated with Cisco company. Threat protection of this DNS server was developed by Cisco franchise only. With the use of this Open DNS server, we can protect any of the devices at any time where ever it is. This server is free DNS servers and also Fastest DNS, and it has been part of public DNS servers. People who are searching for alternate DNS server this is the best one.

One more thing that you should remember is you have to use and to enable this DNS server. By using this IP address, we can connect with free version Open DNS server with a simple setup. You, people, are no need worry about setup process open given below link and follow the process in that. If you people not able to enable DNS server or not familiar with IP address enabling, we have another way. That is by registering and signing up with your credentials in Open DNS official site.

Open DNS server

2. Google Public DNS

Among best DNS servers Google Public DNS one of the best and most popular one. This Google Public DNS is free public DNS for all the users. This Google DNS is the came from all well-known company Google. This Google Public DNS is fastest DNS server, and it is secured server. Google came with an intention to make internet more secure form phishing attacks. For that, they build up Google Public DNS server which helps to internet user since from Dec 2009 onwards.

Now in present days this is the largest and best DNS servers in the world. We can use this Google Public DNS server simply by changing IP address of IPv6. Default IP address of this Google DNS is and if we want to use this Google DNS we have changed this IP to As we discussed that this would support to IPv6, and also we can change multiple IP while using this Google DNS. Google DNS server has so many advantages. And you will not get any interruption using this DNS. This DNS server has more security feature to keep your device and data safe.

We know that Google engine is the best one and it gives the fastest result to our searches. As in the same way, this Google DNS will work so fastest way. With the use of this, we can browse anything on the web. And we will get perfect results without any restrictions and redirection. This DNS server will remove harmful cache with effects to our device and data. To Know more details about Google Public DNS server go through given the following link. So that, We may consider that this is the fastest DNS Servers for gaming.

Google Public DNS Server 

3. Level3 DNS

Level3 DNS is one more from best DNS servers and third party DNS service. If you people are looking for most and best reliable DNS servers, this Level3 DNS is best. It is also free DNS server and gives a high-level performance but not as much as Google DNS server. This DNS server is also listed in Public DNS server, and it has good infrastructure. This Level3 is the is the best service provider for network service. This DNS server is the fastest DNS server. Because this DNS server provides service for the network which is the heart of the technology.

It gives us the good connection between local and global with strong and good security. The main aim of Level3 is to empower right network with the enterprise. This enterprise edition of this Level3 gives more security and more reliable by keeping data safe. Simple thing related Level3 DNS this has so reliable performance for a long run. To enable Level3 DNS server to use given IP address and 

This Level3 DNS has so many resources we can use any of them based on need. We can get all these resources, and Level3 DNS server is trusted one for network services. If you people wants to get the internet with more speed in a secure way go through this Level3 DNS. To know more details about this Level3 DNS service us given below link. There are only some good DNS servers for gaming or Netflix, and this is one of them.

Level3 DNS Server 

4. DNS.Watch

DNS.Watch is one among all third party servers and is fastest DNS servers. This DNS.Watch is minimalist best DNS server with free of cost. This DNS.Watch gives fast and uncensored internet with paying a single buck. You came to right place for all your quires related to the internet without any intrusion. If you have any doubt about this, you can ask the user for all your quires. And then you will get the good impression in this DNS.Watch server. Well coming to its performance it gives us long life service without any interruption. You people can use this DNS server in any of your devices like Windows, Mac, Linux, and routers.

This DNS.Watch server is the fastest DNS server. And the domain system is so fast without any delays while browsing the web. It is the best companion for you to make adventures in wed world. This DNS.Watch server has neutrality, and it is most reliable service. It has excellent privacy protection as in the same way it will protect your data from hijacking.

It has so many features which are helpful to us, and it has IP address to enable it to our devices. DNS.Watch has IP address which is  and If you want more information related to this DNS server, you can follow given a link.

DNS.Watch minimal server

 5.Norton ConnectSafe

Among best DNS servers, Norton ConnectSafe is one more DNS server. As the name itself showing that it give more enhanced protection than other in the web world. That means Norton ha been giving protect to different devices from a long time. And as well you should be quite confident on Norton ConnectSafe. Among DNS servers this Norton ConnectSafe DNS will give three distinct ways of Protection. Means at the first stage it’s hard and against to malware, phishing, and spam. Next at the second way of protection is from security and pornography.

The third one gives protection as in the same of the second one and protects us from others means hijacking. One thing that you should remember is each of them in three ways has different IP addresses. We will get all these services with free of cost by using this Norton ConnectSafe DNS server. First and the fore most thing that it does was it blocks all unwanted sites automatically when it enabled. Norton ConnectSafe gives full security and equal to Norton Internet Security and Norton 360.

We can say that instead of using those two softwares in our system. Better go with this Norton ConnectSafe DNS server. As we discussed before this works in three ways with different ips. We can get each every variant separately by connecting with that particular IP address. This DNS server is so simple to get a start and it is listed in fastest DNS servers. It gives us real-time protection without any slow downs or downtimes.

It not only protects your internet it also protects all your home network. Because it runs in the background without your permission. One more simple thing that you should remember is it works without any software.

Norton ConnectSafe DNS server 

6. Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo Secure DNS is yet another one from best DNS servers 2017. It has splendid features which are enhancing security, reliability and speed browsing for a long time. This Comodo DNS resolves all your requests throughout world wide. This DNS server is more redundant than another DNS severs. Comodo DNS server will give good and reliable experience while browsing the internet. Coming to reliability, it is the best one means it has a separate network with a huge number of severs.

So that, it has good reliability feature. While coming to speed, it is based on the distance between server and the local device. Also, Comodo Secure DNS gives excellent protection from common network issues. It is fastest DNS server which is also one of the free DNS servers. It will block all sites and pages which are harmful to the device and it maintains separate hazardous sites.

Finally what we are saying that it is simple and smarter DNS Server for enabling and using. If you people wants to enable it in your devices, you have to change settings on your device. That is you need to change your primary and secondary DNS IP address instead of default ISP address. IP address of this Public DNS server is and 

We hope that we have helped you find Top Best DNS Servers in a simple way. Enable, any of the DNS, severs which listed above absolutely free. So as to get more reliable, secured and speed the internet and as well it will keep your data be in safe. There are best free public fastest DNS servers 2017 in the above article. If you are facing any problem while enabling this DNS server on your device, contact us. Thank you so much for reading this article.

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