Garageband for Windows 10: Download Garageband on PC & It’s Alternatives

Garageband for Windows 10: So, we’ve been seeing a lot of people asking for help on How to Download Garageband for PC in comments and requests. So, today, in this article, we’ve decided to help all of those who are looking for a way to use the iconic music maker Garageband App on their Laptops or PC.

In case, if you’re not aware of Garageband, it’s a music maker app (sort of) especially designed and developed by Apple for iOS-based devices. It’s a free music making an app that turns your iPad, iPhones into a touch instrument. You can create custom music for backgrounds, intros, outros, ringtones, etc.

The primary reason behind Garageband’s extensive popularity is that it brings the ability to create music on your smartphone for free of cost. Users with iOS devices can download and install the app from App Store freely. However, there are a lot of people who unfortunately do not own an iOS device. So, for them, it would be difficult to make use of the Garageband app for music purposes.

Why Should You Choose Garageband Over Other Apps?

garageband for pc download

Garageband is not only a music app, but also a whole sound studio packed into a small app. Another major plus point of Garageband app is that it provides the music mixing facility which many other standard music apps fail to provide. On top of that, the app has robust coding which makes it less laggy and minimizes crash while processing the music or sound.

In case, even, if you’re professional music creator, Garageband has got all the options for you. There’s no need to look for other sources when you’ve got GarageBand. You can also record voices/sounds and mix it with your existing projects. In short, Garageband is a portable music studio where you can easily create or record music just with your fingertips. But the only drawback is that it’s exclusively available to the iOS users only.

Garageband for PC Features

  • Firstly, you can connect your physical keyboard or external keypad to your system using a USB cable. You will be able to get your stuff done faster with an external keyboard rather than the touchscreen.
  • Garageband on PC allows you to record, capture, edit and share your creations with your audiences via social media.
  • The app provides multiple touch bars which will help you when you’re dealing with multiple clips or tracks.
  • By default, Garageband includes a few basic DJ style filters and repeaters which you can quickly apply on to your tracks.
  • The user interface on Garageband is extremely optimized and quite user-friendly to say. All the options in the app are well organized, you will have a good time going through the options.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re a music professional, intermediate or someone who has just made into music production. Garageband is a good place to start off your music journey.

Is There A Garageband for PC Download?

If you’re talking about the Windows-based PC, then the answer is “NO”. Apple hasn’t officially released the Garageband for Windows 10 or Earlier or any other platforms. As of now, Garageband is available only for iOS-based devices. Meaning, you cannot use or install the application on a platform other than iOS. Well, even after several requests from users, Apple hasn’t shown any kind of interest in launching the official version for PC anytime soon.

But, wait, you don’t need to dishearten yourself with this. Good thing is that we’ve managed to find a workaround for this problem. There’s actually a way to install Garageband for Windows 10 PC or Laptop for free. Yes, you’ve read it all right! You may think the process of getting GarageBand download for pc would include complicated steps. Well, there’s nothing complex to worry about. We’ve got everything covered for you in this article.

Requirements for Garageband on PC or Laptop

Well, the fact that you can install Garageband on any PC still remains true. However, there are certain requirements that your system needs to have in order to be able to run the application properly. Even if your system doesn’t meet the following requirements, you may still go ahead and try the method.

  • Your system should at least 4 GB of RAM, otherwise, the app might crash or slow down.
  • This method works only if you have a Windows 7 or higher OS.
  • Your processor must be of Intel i5 or higher. However, you can try it on i3 processors as well but cannot guarantee the proper working of the app.
  • A minimum of 2 GB of disk space you need to have on your system to install the rare software GarageBand.

Download Garageband for Windows 10/8.1/7 PC or Laptop

garageband for windows 10 pc

Before proceeding, let me give you a quick info about this method. First off, there is no official GarageBand app developed by Apple of PC. So, we’ll be making use of a third party emulator through which we will install the app on PC. You just need to go through the following steps to get Garageband on your PC. Well, the good thing is that you don’t need any GarageBand product key for this.

  1. Use the link to download iPadian iOS emulator on your Windows-based PC. (You can try on Mac also if you want)
  2. As soon as the iPadian download is over, open the emulator file and run the.Exe file as Administrator.
  3. Go through all the conditions and instructions, it may take a couple of minutes to be fully installed on your system.
  4. Once the installation is successful, launch the iPadian Emulator, and navigate to “App Store” in the emulator.
  5. In-App store, you will find the Garageband App which you need to download and install on the emulator.
  6. After the successful installation of Garageband app on your emulator, you can start using the GarageBand app on your PC for free.

Garageband Alternatives on Windows

In case, if you do not wish to use Garageband for any reason, we’ve got an alternative solution for you. Here is a good list of Garageband Alternatives you can try out today.


LMMS - Garageband Alternatives

LMMS is music production software specifically designed for Computers and laptops. It’s an open source project and comes with various samples and instruments that you can use to create your piece of music. The software is being managed by a small team that aims to provide a lightweight music production application to users.

Well, LMMS may not be as good as Garageband in terms of looks and interface, but it has got all the features that you would need to create music. Go ahead and try it out!


Mixcraft7 Garageband Alternative

Mixcraft7 is the perfect fit for you as there is not Garageband Windows version. You can mix tapes and tracks easily as you do it in Garageband. Moreover, you can easily compose new tracks using the vast collection of music instruments such as Guitar, Drums, Keyboard, Piano, etc.

The best part of this app is that you can even choose the instrument type from the category of instruments such as Vocal, Drums, Organic, Electronic, etc. Mixcraft has come up with the awesome features such as creating loops and of course, input is only yours and the rest everything is from Mixcraft7.

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