Shareit 4.0 for PC, Laptop on Windows 10 [Updated]

Sharing files between mobiles and personal computers have never been so easy until shareit pc version has come. Shareit 4.0 is the latest version that has come with bug fixes for previous versions. In this article, I will help you download shareit 4.0 for PC or laptop. Shareit is compatible with multiple operating systems. So that, you can share files from windows to mac and mac to android and iOS to Windows vice versa. Believe me, and it’s super easy to share files between iOS to Android.

But there will be an option “Connect to iOS Device” on Android. Or choose “Connect to non-iOS Device” on iPhone iPad to Android mobile or tablet.

shareit 4.0 for pc download

This is the best guide to download shareit for Windows 10/8.1/7 PC. So the installation process of shareit on mac os x laptop is same as in windows os. Shareit creates a wifi hotspot, and other devices can connect to the wifi hotspot to share files. No matter what your device is, file sharing will wrap up very fast. Let me share some unique attributes of shareit pc version app.

Shareit 4.0 PC App Features

  • This is the latest version of the shareit app with minimised bugs.
  • Connect to Non-iOS Devices from iOS devices like iPhone iPad.
  • Connect to iOS iPhone iPad from Android Mobile, Tablet.
  • Share Different Types of Files like .Exe, .Pdf, .Png, .Jpeg and .rft, Mp4 and Mp3, 3Gp, Apk etc.
  • Share Big Files with a single tap and few seconds.
  • Connect PC to Android or iOS and View, Share files.
  • Control the PPT files with your smartphone by connecting it to the computer.

Size restrictions and the number of files restrictions is not there in the shareit app. In case, if you feel any difficulty with the app, you may use Cloneit.

The latest version of the Shareit app will allow you take backup of your smartphone in seconds. Just connect your iPhone or Android device to the computer to do so.

Viewing pictures HQ Pictures on your mobile which are actually there on your computer by connecting it is a big asset. Moreover, You can share your contacts, files and folders from your old phone to a new one.

Download Shareit 4.0 for PC or Laptop on Windows 10/8.1/7/XP

Let’s start sharing files to PC from your Android device without cables and all. Sharing files using USB cables is a risky task. You might lose files or files get corrupted if the cable disconnects while sharing the files.

So, it’s better to use shareit 4.0 for PC app to share files without cables. Wifi hotspot will be the medium for sharing files. Here are few instructions that can help you through the process of downloading and installing.

After that, you can send and receive files with just a single tap.

Download the App from Here

That is the latest version of shareit for PC. So get the app and install it on your personal computer. You can also install the shareit app on your mac os x PC. Whereas, you can install shareit on Android and iOS with ease.

Install Shareit 4.0 on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Xp PC or Laptop

You can avail all best attributes of the shareit app on your windows computer. Of course, you can get the app for your computer from the link shared above. It’s actually an easy task to accomplish installing shareit app on your windows 10 or windows 8 computer. So, here are the instructions.

  1. Download Shareit 4.0.Exe on your windows computer using this link. Make sure that you download the correct file for your windows computer as there are links for other platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Mac and Windows.
  2. Double click on the app that you have downloaded on your pc and Click “Next“.
  3. Click “finish” by going through few simple steps.

Wow! Shareit app has been installed on your windows computer. Launch the app from the desktop of your computer and connect your smartphone without using any cables to transfer files.

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