Windows 11 Release Date, Concepts, Latest Features and News Updates That You Need to Know

Now it’s time for Windows 11 Operating system as Windows 10 has done its time with great features. There is a huge buzz about Windows 11 Release Date all over the web over its fans. Believe me or not, there are rumors that Windows 11 is not going to release. And Windows 10 is going to be the last operating system from Microsoft. But it seems that all those rumors are just useless. And many out there eagerly looking for Windows 11 official announcement.

Huge expectations on Windows 11 operating system would be one of the reasons for the delay of launch. Numerous ideas and wish list that people are expecting from Windows 11 OS. So we are going to discuss Windows 11 release data, features and concept ideas in this article.

windows 11 release date official

All You Need To Know About Windows 11 Release Date, Features, News Updates From The Beginning

After a successful launch of Windows 10, millions of people migrated to it for free. Free migration to Windows 10 from older versions of Windows is not available now. That made many guys think on Windows 11 release date, and features. Here are some expectations that the users are looking for.

Windows 11 Release Date

Even a small news about the Windows 11 official release date can create a huge buzz on the internet. Though Windows 10 is available with a handful of awesome features, Windows 11 is much awaiting one. Let me tell you why Windows 11 specs are creating such a huge buzz though Windows 10 is being the best out of all windows versions till date.

It seems right with the rumors we have discussed in the beginning. The Word “Windows Redstone” is the reason for that. It is the new project that Microsoft has, and it will be available by the next year. So many out there worried about the Windows 11, whether it releases or not.

We have reference words from the Microsoft regarding the Windows 11. Jerry Nixon Says, Microsoft Windows 10 will be the last Windows operating system, and there is no Windows 11. Windows 10 will be available for new and old computers too, and we are working very hard to make it much better.

But still, Millions of people anticipating the Windows 11 Operating System. One more authority “Steve Kieynhas” confirms that there won’t be windows 11 and windows 10 is the last operating system.

We cannot believe this statements. These statements will mean a lot for Microsoft if Windows 11 is going to be available. Let us see Windows 11 Features and It’s Concept Ideas and aspire something new from it.

Windows 11 Concept Ideas

Here are some Concepts of Windows 11. Yes, you heard right. It is said to be believed that the Double One is better than a single one and a zero.

Microsoft people are in discussion for the window 11 features and concepts for the sake of its users. You can check the Windows 11 desktop concepts below.

windows 11 concepts ideas

The User Interface of the Windows 11 will be much better than Windows 10 OS. Let us wait and see the full concepts after the official announcement of Windows 11 with a release date.

Windows 11 Features To Impress the Aspires

Now you can see the anticipated features of Windows 11 operating system. There is a huge buzz among millions of people regarding its features, and we have tried to filter the best out of them. So that, you do not nee to think out of the box. Let us check what are those Windows 11 advanced features.

Font Options to Choose From

It is one of the aspiring features of Windows 11 that its users would love to have. If Windows 11 comes with custom color options, it will be perfect for its users. So that, you can choose your favorite font to use on your laptop just like in Android.

Custom Colours

Here comes another eye catchy feature of windows 11 os. You will be able to choose the color of the windows and fonts on your Windows 11 PC.

Quick Access

Yes, earlier Windows operating systems don’t have a convenient quick access. It was tough to access the shutdown and restart buttons which also includes sleep option. People may get the user identification picture on the starting screen of the Windows 11. Let us see what more comes with the Windows 11 operating system.

Direct Access To the Desktop and Apps

It is yet another awesome feature going to be added to the Windows 11 operating system. It’s difficult for people to access the desktop for apps and files in earlier versions of windows. It will be much better if it comes with an option to customize the access to the desktop.

It is all about the window 11 os expectations from its users. We need to wait till of the Windows 11 official release date announcement. Stay Tuned to Windows10Times for Windows 11 Rumours, Windows 11 Features, Specifications. Find more windows 11 updates by sharing the article with your friends on social media.

9 thoughts on “Windows 11 Release Date, Concepts, Latest Features and News Updates That You Need to Know”

  1. Had windows 8, what a fuck up. 8.1 worked kinda, windows 10 another fuck up despite what microsoft says my i5 laptop runs slower than my peppermint Linux netbook and following the latest so called upgrade won’t work with my cannon scanner anymore. Most of the time I feel like reaching for it with both hands and throwing it out the window . I just want something thats (the last time I switched it I had time to fix my car before it had booted up) fast and works . To this end as the laptop has windows 7 drivers which I downloaded from the manufacturers website I plan to run it, mostly for games and run Linux Mint along side it. Chrome will do as a browser for both. How can so many supposedly smart people at Microtortise produce such drivel.

    1. Hey George.. I hope all your issues related to the Operating System will be resolved with Windows 11. Let’s wait for it to come. Check More details about Windows 11 Release date and it’s features above. Thank You.

  2. Well they have said no windows 11, Microsoft has said this many times and have stated the new OS they are working on is the chrome competitor which has been newly named as windows 10 cloud OS. A chrome like windows 10.

    1. Microsoft would better finish Windows 10 bugs and promised features. Control Panel leftovers from Win7, ’cause MS programmers couldn’t do it in new Settings panel is laughable! No desktop customization app to easly change desktop fonts, windows sizes and colors, icon grid. Come on even Windows 95 had it. Windows 10 is such a fail for MS concerning customizations and ease of use.

      1. Hi Winyl,
        Hope all the issues you quoted will be resolved with new update of windows 10. It will be much better if MS releases Windows 11 as soon as possible.

  3. Not to be mean to this article, but there are several things ; item, 1: Microsoft did announce that there will be “No Windows New OS’s” meaning there would be no Windows 11. 2: Even if this was true for windows 11, I Highly doubt that they would be using a Mac Bottom Bar Concept, all this looks like is a Mac that was made to look like a windows machine.

    1. Hi Nikita, If you are serious about Windows 11 release, You need to wait till Microsoft announces the features that are going to be there in the OS for sure. We can expect what we want but its totally depends on the developers to deliver them. Hope for Best and i hope the wait will be over soon 😀

  4. Microsoft claiming that there will be no new windows is a bit sketchy.
    Personally it sounds like a marketing gimmick, because windows 10 reception didn’t go well and not as many people switched over.

    If people honestly believe that there will be no new OS after windows 10 then they are more likely to just go with windows 10 and not wait for the new one (since they would be no new one).

    Of course there will be a totally new OS made by microsoft, and anyone with a brain knows this. No OS company has ever just stopped with 1 version of their OS and left it there and survived as a company, imagine if MS just stopped at windows 95 and never made another.

    You see you need more than an update, since eventually you have to change the whole OS from the ground up, this is because of new hardware and technologies and also as new base systems can be programmed.

    You can’t do that with patching updates, as it would wreck someones system.
    For example think about 4 patches that came out to turn window xp into windows 7, it is very hard to do since each patch would have to work with the older half of the programs and that would be virtually impossible, you would get most software to simply stop working.
    For example many programs run on older version of windows that don’t run on any new version (you have to run a VM to run them).

    The point is this, microsoft will indeed offer a proper update to make windows 10 somewhat decent.

    But microsoft will 100% make a new OS. Just wait and see.

    Microsoft have done this before, they said there will not be another xbox after xbox one.
    Yet there already has been, and there is going to be another released within the next year or two also with another totally originally name. Just wait and see.

    1. What an Awesome analysis 😀
      You have mentioned few interesting facts about the same thing happened in the case of Xbox One. Yes, It might be a marketing strategy of Microsoft and it will be a tough time for people if there is no better operating system from MS. As you have mentioned above, We need to wait till something happens as we cannot assure anything for now.

      Anyways, Thank you so much for your valuable comment 😀 Appreciations.

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