Magic Mouse Windows 10 – How to Use Apple’s Magic Mouse in Windows [Working]

Apple’s magic mouse is one of the coolest gadgets for MacBook Pro/Air or iMac. If you are a Windows lover but still want to use apple’s magic mouse on your Windows PC, here is a trick. It meant to work on apple’s computers only and that too without any drivers and external cables. But, today we are going to configure magic mouse Windows 10 with the help of few drivers. It sounds good right after you follow the instructions given below. You do not need to worry and search the whole day for a magic mouse for Windows 10 PC.

Magic Mouse and Magic Mouse 2 are the awesome leading mouse products for Mac OS X devices. It was first released back in 2009 and completed about 6 years successfully. Launched with the Apple’s Magic Mouse and now we can have Apple’s Magic Mouse 2 with few more improvements also.

connect apple magic mouse windows 10

We all know that Apple does not design products for other platforms like Windows and Linux. They produce every product and component of them for their devices only. Be it Apple’s Magic Mouse, Be it Apple watch that only supports iOS smartphone.

Is that Easy to Configure Apple’s Magic Mouse on Windows 10?

Well, of course, it is easy with the trick that I am going reveal it to you today. Else it will be difficult without this trick. We can see many such difficulties with Apple products on other platforms. If you would like install Apple’s iOS on your Windows, you can try, but it won’t happen.

See, they made their products and software in a way that they don’t support other platforms. The best part of the apple is their integrity. If they work for every product, they many not have such a huge buzz and demand in the market.

Magic Mouse Windows 10 Works or Sucks?

We may have seen the Bluetooth mouse for Windows computer. Apple’s magic mouse with Apple computers also works in a similar manner. But the point is to configure the apple’s magic mouse in Windows 10 computer in 2017.

I have gone through many methods to use the magic mouse for Windows 10. Finally, i know the best trick that works. In this article, i am going to share that awesome method using which you can use apple magic mouse in windows 10 in 2017. Let’s go ahead and have fun with magic mouse windows 10 or windows 8/7.

How to Configure Apple Magic Mouse in Windows 10 Using Trackpad Magic

Here are few instructions that can help you connect apple’s magic mouse to Windows 10 computer using the Trackpad Magic software. Follow the simple instructions given below to do the same on your Windows 10 computer. I think this trick also works better on Windows 7/8/8.1 laptops.

This trackpad software actually installs the driver packages that the magic mouse on windows 10 requires.

  1. Download Track Pad Magic Software from the Link “”.
  2. Double click on the Trackpad.Exe on Windows 10 and proceed with the installation wizard. Follow the onscreen instructions given on your Windows 10 PC to finish the installation procedure.
  3. With the completion trackpad installation, it will install all required drivers that the magic mouse uses.
  4. After installation, Run the Magic Mouse Wizard to connect the apple magic mouse on windows. The Wizard is nothing but the Trackpad wizard.
  5. Pair Magic Mouse 1 or Magic Mouse 2 with your Windows Computer Via Bluetooth.
  6. It will pair up if your PC has up to date Bluetooth. If not, Install Latest Bluetooth drivers.
  7. Do not close the Trackpad Wizard during it’s use.

Enjoy using Apple Magic Mouse on Windows 10 now onwards without any issues. If you get to know any problems, post them right below the article using the comment box. Finally, that’s all about magic mouse windows 10.

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