Download Hotspot Shield for Windows 10 PC, Laptop 32/64 Bit Free

Hotspot Shield for Windows 10 is a free software which will help you protect your connections more securely while you are connected to the internet. Whenever you are surfing the data from the internet using Wifi Hotspot. For secured connection, Hotspot Shield creates Virtual Private Network known as VPN. People who are searching for secured Wifi connection to their PC’s here we are suggesting the best app. That is Hotspot Shield VPN Free Download For Windows 10 PC, laptop free. Most of the windows users are using this Hotspot Shield VPN to hide their IP address and also all the date in a secured way.

Just go through the awesome features of the Hotspot Shield VPN on Windows 10 to better know about it.

Hotspot Shield For Windows 10

Features of Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows 10

Before going to downloading section here, we will see some of the features of Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows 10.

  • This Hotspot Shield VPN is free to download and use, and it has premium version also named as Hotspot Elite.
  • With the use of this app, we can protect our original IP address from the hackers and snoopers.
  • We have feature for blocking and unblocking our favourite sites.
  • It provides full secure connection when we are using free Wifi network in hotels, airports, malls by hiding our personal details.
  • It gives secure connection while surfing on the internet through HTTP encryption.
  • This Hotspot Shield has inbuilt malware protection feature which protects our Windows laptop from malware.
  • We can browse any site as an anonymous user with the use of this Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows 10.

Those are the some of the cool and additional features of Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows 10. Now let see an important section in this article that is how to install hotspot shield on Windows 10.

How to Install Hotspot Shield on Windows 10, 8.1, 7 PC or Laptop 32/64 Bit

Hotspot Shield protects all your data from hackers and also snoopers most of the organisations are using this VPN for more security. No one of third party members can’t be able to get any information related to the organisation. So this Hotspot Shield VPN is the most secure and widely using app by all the windows users.

how to install hotspot shield on windows 10

Sometimes when you are surfing the internet most of the people are getting an error like “Website blocked”. It means some of the users had blocked that site through Hotspot Shield VPN service. But if you are Windows user then you can unblock that site with the use of Hotspot Shield for Windows 10 App. The way how you can unblock means install this Hotspot Shield VPN free download for Windows 10. Turn on VPN there you will find the site which is blocked by the other users from there you can unblock site easily. One more thing why hackers are not allowed to hack your data?.

Means the Hotspot Shield hides your original IP address and generates random IP address because of this no one can access our data. By seeing all this features you people are eagerly waiting to get this Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows 10 right?. Then why you getting late go through downloading section to download Hotspot Shield for Windows 10 easily.

The answer to the question that you raiseĀ how to install hotspot shield on windows 10 will be the casual installation that you usually do for any other Windows software.

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Download Hotspot Shield for Windows 10 PC Laptop Free

Till now we have discussed about Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows 10 and its cool features. Now in this section, we are going to know about how to download Hotspot Shield for Windows 10 and its installation process. You without getting much hassle follow the instructions given below to get Hotspot Shield for Windows 10.

  • Download Hotspot Shield VPN software from Microsoft website otherwise download it using the direct link given below.

Download Hotspot Shield

  • Click on the above-given link there you will find download option click on that then it will download automatically.
  • Open download list and double click on Hotspot Shield setup key then go through the installation process as you know.
  • Open up the Hotspot app after installation and then customise your options for protecting your personal information and system from malware.

How to Add Hotspot Shield for Google Chrome on Windows or Mac

There are different ways using which you can enjoy the awesome features of Hotspot Shield. Till now we have come across installing Hotspot shield on windows computer. Have you ever thought of browsing the internet anonymously just by installing a simple plugin? Now you can see that.

You can unblock any blocked website from google chrome on your windows or mac computer. The trick works for both windows and mac systems. Follow the simple instructions that I have given below.

  1. Click on Hotspot Shield Chrome Plugin first.
  2. Now, Click on “ADD TO CHROME“.
  3. Click on “Add Extension” to add it to the google chrome web browser.
  4. Restart your Google Chrome.

That’s all you need to do. The same procedure works on windows and mac computers. And you can get access to all the blocked content with ease.

Hope we have helped you download Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows 10. Learn How to install hotspot shield on windows 10 by following above guidelines and enjoy yourself by surfing the internet without any restrictions. Recently, We have added a method to add hotspot shield plugin to google chrome. That will help you browse theĀ internet anonymously and get access to blocked content.

If you are facing any problem while using the app on your device, contact us using comments box. Thank you so much for reading this article which helps you to download Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows 10.

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